Generation Profile: Greatest Generation

Did you know The Greatest Generation now makes up less than 2% of the adult population?

While now a small generation, this generation has taught us many things: personal responsibility, integrity, humility, work ethic, financial prudence, and faithful commitment to name a few. So what type of communication do they like best?

These days, they continue to love receiving mail. The extra step of mailing a church newsletter, ministry information, and announcements makes them more likely to remember and respond to items than posting them in a bulletin they may not receive if they can no longer drive to services.

Developing programs in your congregation for young children and young adults will help build attendance at events, but don’t forget about the Greatest Generation who often have the most need for social interaction. Consider developing a ride program where younger members will bring them to and from services and events. Or set-up visits at their homes or assisted living facilities for the youngest of our generations to learn from them before their knowledge is gone from this world.

If you are advertising to the Greatest Generation, think about services that focus on delivering goods, mobile services, retirement/living assistance, and services to ease the transition for their families.

The Greatest Generation has often started giving attention to their wills, and want a way for their legacy to outlive them. Giving them a cause to support works better than asking for general support.

While communicating with all generations, remember that while others may use electronic means, this generation often doesn’t have access to this form of technology. So if you can develop an app, give them a printed version of information too.

Guide Book Publishing is happy to discuss our Online Directory & Mobile App service with our snapshot printed Guide Book & Directory that is mailed to all members.

What else have you found works best when communicating with the Greatest Generation?


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