Generation Profile: Silent Generation

Born between 1925 and 1945, this generation is not one of the most well known as they sit between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers that out number them. These seniors are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be.

They grew up during the Great Depression, communism hardships, with a lack of social pleasures. This increased their work ethic, built a sense of appreciation for the simplistic things in life, and built strong community values.

This is the generation that is already retired, and dedicating their free time to causes they value. So what type of communication do they like best?

Print medias, phone calls, and emails seem to work best with this generation. Subtext content is often lost in shorter social media posts, and as they age they are more likely to fall for scams, making them hesitant to trust communications from people they don’t know.

The extra step of mailing a church newsletter, ministry information, and announcements makes them more likely to attend events. As the older members of this generation have lost their driving ability, having carpools for social events and services is very helpful. Places to hang out with others during the day, projects to work on, and volunteer opportunities in the community give them a sense of purpose in retirement.

If you are advertising to the Silent Generation, think about services that focus on experiences such as day trips, theater, things that make life easier, etc.

This generation is now mainly on fixed incomes from social security, investments, etc. and prefer to make donations in smaller monthly amounts than in larger single payments to fit into their available funds.

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What else have you found works best when communicating with the Silent Generation?


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