Generation Profile: Gen X

Did you know by 2028 Gen X will outnumber Baby Boomers? They strongly identify with being independent, self-sufficient, and resourceful.

These traits make them ideal for running projects around your congregation, working in the background or foreground to make things happen, and filling in holes when needed. So what type of communication do they like best?

Gen X prefers to be able to find the information themselves, rather than having to rely on calling someone for the correct answer. The extra step of mailing a church newsletter, ministry information, and announcements makes them feel more independent and effective on designing their weekly calendar.

They adapt well to change, and with the help of Boomers, invented the technology that Millennials know and love.

Developing programs in your congregation for young children, young adults, and maturing adults, helps to bring everyone together throughout the week.

If you are advertising to Gen Xers, think about services that focus on independence, or experiences for the whole family to enjoy.

Gen Xers are following the trend of less landline phones. Putting contact information into their smartphone is the norm. So if you can develop an app, they are more likely to find that useful when not at home.

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What else have you found works best when communicating with Gen Xers?


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