Generation Profile: Millennials

Did you know Millennials now make up half the US workforce, and 82% of US births this past year were from Millennial women?

That means your pews are getting filled with more and more Millennials. So what type of communication do they like best?

It may surprise you, that Millennials spend more time reading through printed mail than Boomers and Gen X. The extra step of mailing a church newsletter, ministry information, and announcements makes them more likely to remember and respond to items than sending out an email.

This is because they get overwhelmed with emails, digital ads, and social media messages. Many are even filtering out their inbox so they never receive the items that seem promotional in nature.

Developing programs in your congregation for young children, young adults, and maturing adults, helps to bring everyone together throughout the week.

If you are advertising to Millennials, think about services that focus on convenience, or experiences for the whole family to enjoy.

As Millennials are getting older, they have more money to donate or tithe to their religious and spiritual beliefs. Giving them a cause to support works better than asking for general support.

At the same time, realize that most Millennials do not have a home phone. Putting contact information into their smartphone is the norm. So if you can develop an app, they are more likely to find that useful when not at home.

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What else have you found works best when communicating with Millennials?


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