Favorite Methods to Thank Administrative Assistants


Here at Guide Book Publishing, we greatly appreciate everything that your Administrative Assistants do. They are often our contact at your church when putting together your latest Guide Book & Directory.

With National Administrative Assistants Day coming up, we figured we would handle what your Administrative Assistants would normally do and research some great thank you ideas for them.

Here are our favorite links and ideas:


15 Best Administrative Professionals Gifts: All these ideas are under $30.

40 Best Admin Day Gift Ideas on Pinterest: This link is filled with creative gift ideas, especially for those with a sweet tooth.

Bagels for Breakfast: Bring in bagels, cream cheese, coffee, etc. for breakfast to celebrate the day.

Flowers: We have many florists that advertise in the Guide Book & Directories. Check your book to see if there is a florist you can support while thanking your Administrative Assistants.

Successories: Perfect gifts for Administrative Assistants


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