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Mission Trip Your Hometown

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It seems like every church youth group spends the year planning for one big mission trip to somewhere that requires a long drive, or flight, to get there. The group fundraises all year for the trip to spend a week volunteering their time to make a difference. Those trips make an impact in the lives they touch, and those they serve.

But if you think about it, you have ten people giving forty hours of service in a one year timeframe…400 man hours.

What if you were to think local and often instead?

There are always local non-profits that need help. Whether they are soup kitchens, habitat for humanity projects, park clean-ups, etc. they all want extra help.

By staying local, you can volunteer for just a couple hours at a time, or plan a whole week trip and slumber party it at the church.

Think of the possibilities of the extra people and hours that could be contributed. Here are some suggestions for 2019 Local Mission Trips:

By staying local, you can have dozens of people put in ten hours a month. That adds up quickly towards making a difference in your own hometown. Plus it can teach the skills needed before going on that once a year Mission Trip to somewhere far away.

What types of mission projects have you done in your hometown?



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