Stewardship Campaigns: Think Big, Take Small Bites

Looking around your church building, I’m sure you see tons of projects that need to be completed. In fact, you could probably come up with an entire Capital Campaign for projects that could be done to expand your ministry opportunities and preserve your existing structures.

Recently, one of our churches was discussing what needed to be fixed around the church. They have about 100 people attend each week, and came up with over $250,000 of projects they would like to do. Talk about sticker shock.

Some of the projects included:

  • New sound system for the Sanctuary
  • New altar, choir seating design, and pulpits
  • An elevator for the two level building for handicap accessibility
  • A new roof on the sanctuary
  • Replacing sidewalks and landscaping
  • New lighting and HVAC in the Sanctuary

All of these items would help to preserve the existing building from the early 1800’s, and restore/update the 1980’s appearance to something more classic.

However, with an older fixed income demographic, there was no way they could afford all of these projects. So they were all tabled to a later date, until they thought about the fact that not everything has to be done at once.

They could still think big, but take smaller bites. Over the last year, every few months they have fundraised for one small section. A new altar. Fixing the sidewalk tripping hazards. A new roof.

By working together and piece by piece, the church is revitalizing its ministry programs right alongside the structural repairs. They work to keep all members informed on what projects are happening, and where funds are needed. Allowing members to choose which areas to focus their time and resources on.

How can your church benefit from taking on small projects that work towards a bigger goal?


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