Seeking Account Executives

Over the 25+ years that Guide Book Publishing has been creating Guide Book & Directories for local churches, we have found our best Sales Representatives come from members of the local congregations.


Your members understand what types of businesses others would like to see; they know how to respectfully represent your church and others in the area; and they are pleasant people to interact with on a daily basis when working from your office during publication time.


GBP in turn loves to help out your members that are looking for a job, whether it is fulltime, or only during the school year when their kids are enrolled during the day.


So we are reaching out to you, our congregations, for help in communicating to your members about our open positions as we expand further into your metro area.


If you know of someone who is looking for a job, please pass this Advertising & Marketing Account Executive Job Description and application process to them. Let them know that we are looking for people just like them to become Account Executives with Guide Book Publishing.


We will be sure to let you know if one of your members and church family becomes a part of our family too.


Thank you for your consideration in helping us to expand our sales force with people who will represent your congregation and other local congregations the way you want to be represented in your local community.

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