Projects for the Guys

When you think of bible study, what comes to mind?

Is it a group of women studying together and pouring out their hearts? Is it a group of young couples building stronger relationships with God and each other? Or is it a group of grown men sitting around the table talking?

*Insert scratchy record sounds…

Let’s face it. Men like to be busy solving problems, building things, grilling food, or just about anything else rather than sitting around in a circle talking about the bible.  The best ministry moments and in depth discussions happen when fixing an engine, sawing wood, or painting things. So work with that concept to build a men’s ministry (catch the pun?).

Creative Projects for the Guys:

1. Community-Wide Blood Drive to support the local blood bank.

2. The Biggest Workday Ever with dozens of projects to complete around the church from gardening to building new rooms, from building a grill to painting the sanctuary, have tons of hands-on projects for men (and women) of all ages.

3. Host a Lawn Mower Tune Up or Car Care Workshop to teach the younger generations how to fix things, or as a service project to the community help change the oil and basic repairs on cars for widows or single mothers, etc.

4. Hold a Neighborhood Cook Out during the summer and invite families from the local food bank for a free dinner at your church.

5. Mobile Handicap Ramps are a great service project and can be moved from house to house after surgeries or injuries prevent people from easily getting into their homes for a few weeks or months. Rotate the ramps between locations as new needs arise.

Remember to that more Guys will show up when there is action involved or a need to be filled. Then during the project, discussions will happen that will impact the lives of everyone involved in the ministry opportunities.

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