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Overcoming Summertime Blues

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As summer gets going, the number of members attending services drops off until school starts back up. Here are a few ways to combat the summertime blues.

1. Fireworks Display: invite the entire community to your church for a concert and fireworks display. Have information available about summertime programs and fall kick offs to hand out to guests.

2. Church Picnic: plan a picnic for your church with games and music for the whole family. You could even move the church service outside to the local park and invite the whole community to join you before the picnic lunch.

3. End of Summer Celebrations: Invite different age groups to gather for an end of summer party. Invite the teachers from the local school so that they can meet their students. Celebrate with pizza, a bonfire, ice cream, etc.

4. Cool Comfort: There are many people in each community that do not have air conditioning. Invite them to spend a day in the church cooling off with free wifi, games for the kids, movies, snacks, etc. Invite a local store to sponsor a day where they provide the snacks and activities in return for advertising their services to those present.

5. Vacation Bible Camp: Make learning a fun adventure through a week-long day camp, or evening program. Invite kids from the local neighborhoods to join in the fun along with your church’s youth. Design a program for older youth with day trips around the city, etc.

These are just a few ways to encourage attendance at church during the summer. What are some other ways your church overcomes the summertime membership blues?


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