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The 52 Week Challenge

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Every church seems to struggle to recruit new members; not because we don’t know anyone to invite, but because we put off inviting them.

So in the world of setting goals and completing challenges, we present to you the idea of the 52 week challenge.

Materials Need: Your calendar, your phone’s contact list, and a Pen


It’s time to set-up your 52 week challenge!

On each Sunday write down one person/family from your contact list that doesn’t attend your church. Then give them a call and invite them to come to services with you a few weeks in advance throughout the year. Seeing their name on your calendar will prompt you to give them a call and invite them.

Summer is the perfect time to start this challenge as schedules are more flexible with less conflicts of people’s time.

During the service, take a moment and recognize all of the guests with you and present them with a schedule of upcoming events. If they come back for another service, this is when you should give them a copy of the Guide Book & Directory so they can stay involved and build a network of friends within the congregation.


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