Letter from the Pastor

Traditionally, our books open with a letter from the Pastor before moving into the ministry information of the Guide Section. Over the years, we have all had our favorite letters, or ones that stand out to us from all of the others.

Each month, we will feature one or two of our favorite letters quoted in a blog article to give you ideas for your Letter from the Pastor. Here are some of my favorites from April 2018:

Communication is important. As a community of believers in Christ Jesus, we relate to one another and we communicate love and care for one another in a variety of ways. We also communicate to join our efforts to do the many good things that enrich our lives and build our community. I am therefore pleased to present you this new St. Joseph Parish Directory. May the Lord continue to bless our parish community with His grace and joy in serving Him.

-St. Joseph Parish in North Bend, Ohio

This Pastor hit on the reason for doing a Guide Book & Directory in three words: Communication is important.

On June 25th, we conducted a Groundbreaking Ceremony to begin the construction phase to improve our parish facilities and grounds. We invited Archbishop Coakley, Phil Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Architects, Rusty Caston and Eric Grote… members of the Long-Range Planning Committee… as well as our staff and many of our parishioners to this historic event. It was a beautiful day and a joyous occasion!

However, we were all upstaged by the youngest members of our parish when they put on construction hats and dug into the dirt with colorful plastic shovels. The sight of these pre-school children made us all aware that the work we do is not just for our benefit but for the benefit of generations to come. Priceless!

…This is an exciting time to be a member of St. Francis of Assisi parish and I am grateful for your continued support and prayers as we move forward to make our dreams a reality.

But construction is not all we do. This guide book provides information about the wide variety of programs we offer at St. Francis of Assisi and contact information so that you can contact your brothers and sisters for support and companionship as we make this faith journey together.

I am grateful to those who worked to make this guide book a reality, the parish staff who compiled this information and, in particular, the sponsors whose ads make this possible. Please support these businesses whenever you have an opportunity.

-St. Francis of Assisi in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Placing the “Building Blocks” of your ministry program, or indeed the actual buildings for further ministry, is an important step in every congregation. How does your church plan for things now to make an impact for future generations?

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