Letter from the Pastor

Traditionally, our books open with a letter from the Pastor before moving into the ministry information of the Guide Section. Over the years, we have all had our favorite letters, or ones that stand out to us from all of the others.

Each month, we will feature one or two of our favorite letters quoted in a blog article to give you ideas for your Letter from the Pastor. Here are some of my favorites from March 2018:

Dear Friends and Parishioners,

This is a great tool for connecting with each other or trying to become more involved in the stewardship life of the parish. It is also a tribute to the generous spirit of our parishioners, who make our parish alive and vibrant with faith, who build strong bonds of friendship with each other, and who provide a great variety of services to our parish and to the wider community. We thank all those who share their time and talent to make these ministries possible, and we invite all parishioners to join in these activities. We especially welcome new parishioners, and anyone interested in participating in our parish life.

-St. Andrew Parish in Columbus, Ohio

It is so true that without church members that volunteer their time, our churches would not be able to offer half of the services they do. It is also true that we often forget to recognize those that volunteer the most, as they are the ones recognizing others instead. This Pastor’s note hit the perfect blend of thanking their volunteers and encouraging others to volunteer.

Just a year ago now we were celebrating our 150th year as Sacred Heart in Florissant. The year 1866 was a long time ago, and yet we are still bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of this wonderful community. Here on a hill overlooking the Shrine of Old St. Ferdinand where St. Rose Philippine Duchesne arrived nearly 200 years ago, we stay the course…

…And now we move forward to welcome nearly 50 new families over the past nine months that have come to join our parish. Our school educates 385 children from kindergarten through eighth grade every day. We are the largest Catholic School in North County and one of the largest in the Archdiocese. Many parish organizations and programs serve our people each year.

This is Sacred Heart and much more. Much history defined by a strong viable faith. Without God we are nothing. With God we can do anything. And so I welcome you to this booklet to guide and direct you to our many services and caring parishioners.

-Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Florissant, Missouri

Celebrating the past 150 years and looking forward to continuing the mission going forward.

The first question in the Catechism of my youth was: Who made you? Answer: God made me.

Second Question: Why did God make me? God made me to know, love, and serve him in this world and be happy with him in the next.

Basic stuff! This is the why and purpose of YOUR PARISH!!

This is you parish and I am only the Pastor for service to you and to the Lord. With you we serve his people. This is your parish so please know it and make it your own.

This directory is a full list of all the activities and events of Your Parish. Please keep it handy. Support our advertisers. Become involved.

To some: Come home we miss you.

Our chapel is open five days a week for your visits to the Blessed Sacrament.

Put this book in your kitchen drawer so you know where it is. This Directory is YOUR PARISH.

-St. David Roman Catholic Church in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Come home. What better message can be given to invite us to gather together again.




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