5 Ways to Promote Events Locally


Every few weeks we receive the local newspaper for our community in the mail. Flipping over to the back page, and throughout the paper itself, are notices of community events happening in the next month.

Community organizations know how to promote their events to a wider audience, but sometimes we forget to promote our church’s events outside our own doors. Check out these five things you should do for every church event:

#1: Create an event posting on your church website. List all the important details here, include photos if possible, and a registration link (Google forms, or another site). This is the backbone of your promotional efforts as everything will link back to this page. Have this page live at least 6 weeks before the event to get it on people’s calendars.

#2: Utilize Social Media to its full potential. Post on church networks, and on your personal networks. Send out bulk emails to past event attendees and your church members. Use scheduling apps to be productive with your time, allowing recurring posts several times before the event. Get creative and post a video or live stream an announcement.

#3: Promote through local papers, online calendars, church bulletins and newsletters, etc. Build promotion through both print and digital sources to the greater community. Many times online calendars will have free listings.

#4: Highlight important event details and the website link on a business card invite. These can be given to members of the church to hand out to their clients, neighbors, and friends throughout the week. They are also great for sticking on refrigerators.

#5: Announce the event through a banner outside the church, or on the church sign in the weeks leading up to the event.

What other ways can you promote your event in the local community?

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