Extra Church Guide Books

Each year, Guide Book Publishing provides your congregation with extra copies of your Guide Book & Directory to utilize throughout the year. These books can be used in a variety of methods to welcome new families into your congregation.

How does your church use them? Send us a picture and a brief description of how you use your books. We would love to share your stories with the other congregations we serve.

Countryside Display

On a trip with my Scouting unit, I spotted Countryside UMC in Topeka, Kansas was using their books as a part of their welcome display outside their sanctuary.

So how do you use your extra books? Do you include them in the new Parishioner packet? Provide them when a new member fills out registration information? Offer them to guests that are “church shopping” or new to the area? Let us know so we can share your story of how you put them to work.


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