Why Businesses Want to Help Your Congregation

Guide Book Publishing provides our communication tools to congregations at no cost to them or their members. We are able to do this because of the support of family friendly businesses in your local area that advertise in the products.

Check out this video for an Reasons Why Businesses Want to Help Your Congregation!

First and foremost, businesses are attracted to Guide Book & Directory advertising because they believe in your type of organization and the community-building activities that you support. Your congregation and your members are who they want to do business with and to be associated with, as well.

Rest assured, that you will never be asked to sell any advertising. We handle all ad sales through our home office and local area Account Executives.

When working on your book, we will setup a two to three week period where we will have a local Account Executive selling advertising to businesses in your neighborhood. This is always done in a professional and soft sales approach manner.

Our first potential advertisers are your own members that own businesses. This is the perfect opportunity for Joe that always sits in the front pew to tell other members that he is an insurance agent and would like to offer them an insurance policy if they need one for a new house, boat, car, etc.

We would much rather help out Joe than contact one of his competitors down the street, because we know that Joe will be a trustworthy individual to other members of your congregation in their time of need. Think about who you would rather call at 2am when the pipes break in the winter…someone you know and go to services with, or a stranger from the yellow pages.

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