Communicating Online

Originally produced solely as a printed direct-mail piece, Guide Book Publishing has continuously evolved with advancing technology to offer your Guide Book & Directory digitally online.

Check out this video for an overview on The Online Aspect of a Guide Book & Directory for Your Congregation!

What exactly does online mean to Guide Book Publishing?

We offer three different services stemming from your printed Guide Book & Directory that are, or can be, put online. We know that today’s world is filled with technology while still clinging to printed media in some forms, and so we strive to offer your congregation the best of both worlds.

For those that prefer having the printed book at home next to their landline, or in their home office, we guarantee the information will be there for them through the printed Guide Book & Directory that is direct-mailed to every family in the congregation.

For those that prefer having the ministry information in their phone where they can check the time of PSR while waiting to pick up their kids from soccer practice, we offer that too through the Online Guide Section PDF. This document is automatically uploaded to Guide Book Publishing’s website at the end of the production process and includes the from Guide Section of the book.

To help your members find that PDF easier, we email it to our church contact and suggest linking it to the church website as well.

Since we are emailing the church anyways, we include a second PDF document which includes the entire book (even the names and phone numbers in the directory section) called the Complete Book PDF. It is up to the church to distribute that document to members as they choose. This way, that soccer parent could look up the phone number for another parent in the PSR class to let them know they are running behind for class.

Now for our coolest online service, we can design an interactive Online Directory & Mobile App which serves as a simplified social media channel for your congregation. It sits behind bank level security encryption to protect your members’ information, and allows members to add photos, easily text, email, and message other members, and can provide directions to another members house for an event.

We have found that through the printed media of the Guide Book & Directory, and all these cool online services, congregations can reach every generation in the medium they are most comfortable using.

Put the power of a Guide Book & Directory in to the hands of everyone in your congregation.

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