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In-Depth Look at the Directory Section

The printed Guide Book & Directory is divided into two distinct sections. The Directory Section in the back of the book gives members an easy way to contact fellow members through mailing addresses and home phone numbers, along with any email addresses or cell phones, you choose to include.

Check out this video for an overview on What is in the Directory Section of a GBP Guide Book & Directory!

Over the years, we have received questions about how the Directory Section of the book works. Here are some of the top questions we have received.

Does my book have to include a Directory Section? Nearly all of our books contain a directory, allowing members to “opt out” of the Directory Section, if they prefer to not be contacted by other members. This allows communication to continue for the majority of your members, while respecting the privacy of the few members that do not wish to be included. We will however, still send those families a book, so they may communicate with others as needed.

How do we get the information to you? We will send you a set of instructions on how to export the member information from your census software to an Excel file that you will email to us. From there, we format the information for inclusion in the book, and check the addresses against the United States Postal Service to verify their are no typos in the addresses.

Is it possible to only include the adult names without including children? Absolutely! We will work with you to list only the people you want included, whether that is just the adults, or the full family.

If necessary, can we print a book without a Directory Section? Approximately 3% of our publications have chosen to not include a Directory Section in their books. While this limits the amount of communication your members can have with each other, we do understand that some congregations are extremely private and we can discuss this option with you if need be.

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