Lafayette Industries

“I received your church newsletter today and I  just wanted to comment on the amazing community service your company is providing. Having a son with Down Syndrome I was so happy to read about your collaboration with Lafayette Industries. It is jobs like these that give children like mine a feeling of accomplishment and self worth.” -Maria Piccolo, St. Thomas Aquinas Church

Each year, when your Guide Book & Directory is printed at Guide Book Publishing, they are then sent to Lafayette Industries for mailing preparation.

Lafayette Industries, located about a mile from our company headquarters, was founded in 1976. They employ people with disabilities who bring a variety of production skills to the work environment. (Notice people comes before disabilities, as Lafayette Industries, like Guide Book Publishing, believes everyone is a person first- a diagnosis is just hitching a ride.)

Lafayette employs over 32 full-time workers to put the mailings together for us, in addition to over 400 other workers busy putting together mailings, packages, medical supplies, and many other assembly line items for companies across the country. The precision with which they work is often unbeatable by robots or machines allowing them to do work which “others” can’t.

They have done every mailing for us since the day we started business over 25 years ago. In fact, this past year on an average week they mailed out over 25,000 Guide Book & Directories for us.

I’m always excited to see several of my friends from high school busy working on projects there or competing on Lafayette Industries’ Special Olympics team through their social media updates. Lafayette Industries started as a group of parents looking to help their children, and now they are helping countless more individuals as well. Check out some of their recent events below.

While mailing the Guide Books & Directories is something that we could do in house, we feel that they do an outstanding job for us and we are proud to be associated with them in our business. If your church or company is looking for someone to do mailings and packaging, we highly recommend their services. Check them out at


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