In-Depth Look at the Guide Section

The printed Guide Book & Directory is divided into two distinct sections. The Guide Section, in the front of the book, serves as a reference point on all events, activities, and functions of your organization throughout the year. It is the time & talent of stewardship for your congregation.

Check out this video for an overview on What is in the Guide Section of a GBP Guide Book & Directory!

This section of the book is only limited by your imagination and 20 pages (give or take). We have had congregations include all sorts of different information that they knew their members were looking for, and in a variety of styles. From text, photos, and charts to graphically designed ads for events, and timelines, we will work with you for the best layout of your information.

We suggest including items such as:

  • Staff Information (names, emails, phones, titles/responsibilities, and even black ‘n white photos)
  • Descriptions of Organizations
  • Contact Persons for Activities
  • Stewardship Information
  • Calendar of Events
  • Schedule of Services
  • Adult Education
  • Sunday School and Youth Education
  • Use and Care of Facilities
  • Funeral Information
  • Athletic Association Information
  • Boundaries
  • School Information
  • Mission and Outreach Programs
  • History of the Congregation
  • Celebrations of Anniversaries
  • Etc.

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Are you currently publishing a book with us? What is your favorite piece of information to include in the Guide Section of a Guide Book & Directory?

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