Product Overview

Have you ever wished you could create a directory without taking photos? How about including ministry information in the same book? What if you could put that information online too? And better yet, how could you do it all for free?

Check out this video for an overview on Why Guide Book Publishing is the Right Choice for Your Congregation!

Founded in 1991, we are a premier provider of congregational communication services, providing products such as:

  • Printed Guide Book & Directory: books for specific local congregations featuring your ministry and stewardship information. 97% of our books also include a member directory with names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and more.
  • Online Guide Section PDF: a PDF document designed to host our your website and ours, allowing members and the general public to access the ministry information of your congregation without sharing members’ contact information.
  • Complete Guide Book & Directory PDF: emailed to your staff members for distribution to members of your choice, this is a PDF document of the entire Guide Book & Directory.
  • Online Directory & Mobile App: an optional digital pictorial incorporated into a simple social media channel for your members allowing for easy communication on the go.

For more information on our FREE services, visit our website at

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