Pictorial Directories

As with any organization, communication is essential to grow and prosper. We feel the old religious hymn puts it best “…the church is the people.”

Together, we provide information on your time and talent opportunities and your membership information to all members of your congregation.

From time to time a congregation will consider publishing a pictorial directory instead of a Guide Book & Directory. While we understand the purpose of a pictorial directory (and this blog makes a sarcastic reference to the dread of completing another pictorial directory), we recommend also publishing a Guide Book & Directory.

The average congregation participation rate of a pictorial is at 30% and outstanding participation is at 50%.

By publishing a Guide Book & Directory all members are included without any effort from the members themselves.

If you are worried about the books coming out at the same time, then just have each delivered about six months apart.

Typically a community will have about 10% of their population move within a given year. By skipping one year of a Guide Book & Directory, up to 20% of your congregation members will not have their contact information available for other members.

Since communication is the most important aspect of any organization shouldn’t you make every effort to make it happen easily?

Let us make it as easy as possible within your congregation…publish a Guide Book & Directory with us every year.

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