Direct Mailing the Books to Your Congregation

Why is Mailing the Book a Good Idea?

The Guide Book & Directory is designed to promote the time and talent of stewardship and to be the annual directory of your church. It needs to reach the entire membership of your church, both the active and not-so-active members.

National studies have found that congregations are doing a great job if 70% of their members show up on a given Sunday. To ensure that every one of your households receives a copy of the Guide Book & Directory, we believe it is important that the books are direct mailed.

The Mailing Envelope

To make sure that your members realize the mailing is coming from your congregation, we customize the envelope used to mail your Guide Book & Directory to your members. The return address on the envelope will be the address of the church, and the envelope design will match the cover of the book inside.

Mailing Costs

There is NO COST to the congregation for the mailing of your newly printed books to your households. Guide Book Publishing uses its own commercial permit to mail the books, and covers the cost.

Who Prepares the Mailing?

When your books are printed, bound and ready to be mailed, we send them to Lafayette Industries. Lafayette Industries is a sheltered workshop that employees people with disabilities who bring a variety of production skills to the work environment. They place the books in the envelopes, seal the envelopes and then prepare the mailing for delivery to the Post Office.


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