Ministry Goal Setting

January and February are months of resolutions and goal setting as we both personally, and organizationally, move forward into a new year.

As a church, this means focusing our ministries in the right direction for the upcoming months, and setting a strategic plan for the church as a whole.

While setting goals can be tedious, as committees work to reach a consensus on the right direction to head, setting SMART goals is extremely important for every organization.


A SMART goal, is one that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based. Measure your goals by these standards when creating them. Your goals have a higher likelihood of being achieved if you communicate those goals to your members so that everyone collectively is moving in the same direction. Let Guide Book Publishing help you with communicating your goals.

There are two methods in which GBP can help you to communicate your goals. One is ensuring your church database is up to date each year before publishing your Guide Book & Directory with us. This will ensure that all members are receiving the information about your congregation located in the Guide Section of the book.

The second is through your Guide Section of the book itself. Consider putting your strategic goals in writing in the Guide Section of your book, and list contact information for the committee or person in charge of each goal. This will allow other members to contact the person in charge of the goals they feel they can assist with throughout the year.

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