Protecting Your Book

At Guide Book Publishing, we believe that each Guide Book & Directory is an important part of your church communications, and we work to protect the information within your book.

We know you are protective of the contact information listed and abide to the fullest with the copyright agreement we have made.

Below you will find the copyright notice that is included in each and every Guide Book & Directory that we publish.


We know the importance of protection and privacy that each of our churches wants for their congregation’s mailing list. We state in our Publishing Agreement with your church that under no circumstances will we use the lists for anything other than what it is intended. We do not sell the mailing list of your members.

From time-to-time, we have had people call our office wanting a particular church’s book. We simply tell them that we cannot and will not give them a copy. This can only be done through the church.

Also, we do not accept any advertisements from anyone where it is apparent that the sole purpose of their advertising is to obtain the mailing list for personal gain.

If you ever come across an advertiser or member of your church trying to use the book as a mailing list for a non-church related purpose, please let us know so we can address it with them.

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