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Don’t Forget About Jerry!

When we begin the publication process each year, we send our contact at your congregation a Potential Advertiser List. This is why…

Yes, you missed us. No one contacted me.

There are about twenty people in the real estate business that are members of this parish. You have all the Baptist advertisers in place. I hope the Catholic advertisers will have an opportunity to place an ad in the most meaningful publication of St. Peter Parish next year.



The purpose of the Potential Advertiser List is to let us know who in your congregation owns a business that might want to advertise in the Guide Book & Directory. We don’t sit in your pews week after week to learn who owns businesses and might want to advertise.

For instance, let’s say you have a member sitting in a pew on Sunday in the process of buying a house, but they have no idea that Jerry, who sits two pews in front of them, is a realtor. Instead, they are using Jim from a different company as their realtor.

When we were in your town to sell advertising the previous year, we didn’t get a Potential Advertiser List, so we went to the first realtor’s office we saw, owned by Jim, and he bought an advertisement.

We didn’t know that Jerry was a realtor from your congregation to ask him about advertising with us. Therefore, when your members sold their house, they went with Jim instead of Jerry.

Please take the time to fill out your Potential Advertiser List as fully as possible so we don’t miss your own members.

Advertising is how we deliver this service to you at no cost. We would prefer to offer the opportunity to advertise to people from your church to help them expand their own clientele, but we can’t without your help.


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