Publishing: How It Works

It’s time to work on your annual Guide Book & Directory! Ever wonder about all the steps involved? Check out this overview with links to other helpful articles and resources.


Step 1: Getting Started with Bob

Each year Bob Vogt, the Managing General Partner, will give you a call from our office to let you know that your church is scheduled to begin the production process and verify the dates for deadlines with you. You will be sent a packet of information that includes the “How To” booklet, along with a bulletin article to let your members know it is time to update their contact information with you.


Step 2: Creating the Guide Section and Directory Report

Our Church Coordinator will be calling/emailing you to review procedures and to offer guidance as you may need it. During that time they will send you last year’s edition of the Guide Section if this is not your first year.

If this is your first year, this is the time for you to start compiling and typing your information for the Guide Section. If you are stuck on where to start, we recommend using this template of ideas.

If you have used our services in past years, you will want to begin editing last year’s Guide Section that will provide you as a starting point.

This is also the time to make sure data in your Census program is all up to date and that you know how to run the report with the correct selections for the Directory Section. For most census software, we’ll provide you with a handy set of instructions for your program to make this easier.

Last item in this step is choosing what items you want on your book’s cover for us to design for you.


Step 3: Sending in the information

Our office should receive the following via email: Your Guide Section document, Directory Report, Cover Information, and Paper Choice.


Step 4: Editing

Around the time we are formatting your book, our Account Executive should be arriving in your area to sell advertising.

Once we have formatted the book, we will send a printed copy to you to proof and make any edits needed. Then send the document back to us for final design work.


Step 5: Finishing the Product

Now comes the time where we send the book through a three step proofing process. Then we digitally print and collate all of the copies together. Once finished they are mailed directly to all of your members with extra copies sent to the church office.


That’s a quick overview of the process. Our Church Coordinators will give you a more in-depth overview of the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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